International Telecommunications Conference and Exhibition TELCO TRENDS 2017

7 /17

Telco Trends 2017: telecommunication experts from CIS countries and EU are to meet in Jūrmala International Telecommunications Conference and Exhibition TELCO TRENDS 2017, the largest of its kind in the Baltic States, is going to be held from 14 to 18 August 2017 in the resort city Jūrmala. This is one of the most significant events in the field of Pay TV in the Eastern Europe. About 400 experts from 37 countries are going to meet at the coast of the Baltic Sea to exchange their experiences. We invite you to take part in this important event. Find out more: Key topics of the forum:


- Single digital market of the European Union;


- Broadcast organisations’ forum. Challenges in production of local content and complexity of global market launch;


- Analysis of dynamics in the international market of TV and OTT services;


- Development of modern payment technologies;


- Technical television and multimedia solutions from the world's leading producers;


- Property rights protection. Effective tools and methods to fight piracy;


- A new technical product exhibition and Content Marketplace.

During its seven years of existence, the Telco Trends conference has earned a reputation as one of the best European industry-based forums that serves as a bridge between the West and the East, uniting entrepreneurs from the European Union and the CIS countries. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the event has been supported by such authoritative industry media as ComNews, Cableman, and MediaSat; in addition, SES and First Channel: World Wide Web have become its general partners. There are no borders for telecommunications, and participants of the global ICT market have many issues to discuss. Influential officials participating in establishing EU telecommunication policy will inform about the implementation of the programme Digital Europe and new regulatory acts. Representatives of industry associations from the Baltic States, Poland, France, Germany, and the Czech Republic will tell how market changes influence their business. Dmitri Kolesov, director of TV and content department at J'son & Partners Consulting, will analyse the efficiency of Pay TV operators’ activities in terms of ARPU increase. Viktor Dostov, president of the association Electronic Money, will tell about new payment technologies and lifehacks that are useful for telecommunication companies. Telco Trends also focuses on the hottest topic of the year which was also a hit at MIPTV in Cannes: globally renowned experts will answer the question “what does virtual and added reality mean for television?” and what TV channels and content producers should be ready for. The exhibition of technical and technological novelties, as well as the content fair CONTENT MARKETPLACE are going to be held during the conference. The global leaders in providing technical solutions for Pay TV will demonstrate their know-how. For TV channels and video libraries, top-notch films, series and cartoons are going to be presented. Pay TV operators will learn about the best offers in regard to channels and video services.

  After an intense work day guests are welcome to enjoy an eventful evening programme: relaxation in the best Riga and Jūrmala restaurants and a cocktail party on the picturesque beach held by the general sponsor SES. Thanks to the sponsorship of Wild TV, on August 17, the last day of the forum, Telco Trends guests are going to the Sillakas recreation centre, where they will enjoy exciting sturgeon and trout fishing, fresh lightly salted trout that had been swimming in the pond mere moments ago, grilled sturgeon, games, a bath and other delights which are pleasant to remember on dull winter evenings. Location: SemaraH Hotel Lielupe Telco Trends working languages: Russian, English. Simultaneous interpreting is provided. Participation cost: working sessions only — 100 EUR all events - 200 EUR You can get detailed information and register at the official site of TELCO TRENDS Follow our official Facebook and Twitter accounts to find out recent information about Telco Trends: We are looking forward to meeting you in Jūrmala!


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